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1/2kg.Black Forest Cake
Rs. 584.10 649.00(10% Off)
USD 9.46 10.51
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Chocolate Cake-1 Kg.
Rs. 809.10 899.00(10% Off)
USD 13.10 14.56
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EID Hamper - code12
Rs. 1,169.10 1,299.00(10% Off)
USD 18.93 21.03
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EID Hamper - code11
Rs. 1,709.10 1,899.00(10% Off)
USD 27.67 30.75
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EID Hamper - code10
Rs. 3,599.10 3,999.00(10% Off)
USD 58.28 64.75
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EID Hamper - code09
Rs. 2,339.10 2,599.00(10% Off)
USD 37.87 42.08
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EID Hamper - code08
Rs. 1,259.10 1,399.00(10% Off)
USD 20.39 22.65
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EID Hamper - code07
Rs. 1,349.10 1,499.00(10% Off)
USD 21.84 24.27
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EID Hamper - code06
Rs. 1,439.10 1,599.00(10% Off)
USD 23.30 25.89
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EID Hamper - code05
Rs. 4,139.10 4,599.00(10% Off)
USD 67.02 74.47
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EID Hamper - code04
Rs. 4,499.10 4,999.00(10% Off)
USD 72.85 80.94
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EID Hamper - code03
Rs. 1,799.10 1,999.00(10% Off)
USD 29.13 32.37
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EID Hamper - code02
Rs. 3,869.10 4,299.00(10% Off)
USD 62.65 69.61
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EID Hamper - code01
Rs. 1,709.10 1,899.00(10% Off)
USD 27.67 30.75
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A wide range of wonderful flowers and gifts offered with single day delivery service.

We are one of the major and growing online gift companies in India. Since our inception in 2005, we have been delivering quality gifts and services to our customers. We help you to deliver variety of gifts from a wide collection of flowers, chocolate, cake, dry fruits, fresh fruits and various other gifts in India. We cover Indian cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Ahemdabad, Kerala, Goa, Bhopal, Baranasi, and others. Our collection of gifts includes Diwali Gifts, Valentine Gifts, Mothers Day Gifts, Fathers Day Gifts, Christmas Gifts and New Year Gifts, Birth Day Gifts, Wedding Gifts, Anniversary Gifts, etc.

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sendgifts2india24x7 is active with its service in more than 200 cities in India. We also offer our customers the same day delivery service. You can shop online and send flowers to India, gifts to India, cake to India from any part of the world. You can place an order to deliver a gift to India very easily from the comfort of your home. At sendgifts2india24x7, we help our customers to send flowers, cake, soft toys, mobile phones and various other gifts to people in India from places like the US and UK. We also offer various personalized gifts to our consumers for different occasions and festivals and for different age group as well. All our gifts come with single day delivery and free home delivery services.
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Thank you so much! Very pleased at timely delivery! Thanking you once again. Rajalakshmi

Thank u so much sir... A very good customer service in flower delivery... !!! Really thanks a lot :)-Hema Sree